Intent to Kill
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Intent to Kill

Why is it so difficult to fathom someone from your family is capable of casting a spell to kill you?

Psychopaths have no moral conscious, neither do they have remorse or empathy for their victims. But that doesn’t mean the psychopath doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

When evidence points to someone you know and your psychological response is part spell, this puts you in a Stockholm Syndrome. You will make every excuse why you believe the perpetrator isn’t capable of committing such a crime.

They plotted and planned to kill him...

Remember the first murder in the history of mankind, Hābīl killed at the hands of his own brother Qābīl?

The brothers of Yusuf (as) plotted and planned to kill him until finally, they decided to throw him into a well. Then they tried to cover up their crime by telling their father lies about Yusuf (as) getting devoured by a wolf.

These examples may have nothing to do with sorcery but the intent to kill is evident and the perpetrators were all close to home.

Being aware of who can actually harm you helps you better prepare.

Recognise the pattern? Envy and Jealousy.

Don’t be so naïve.

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