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Abu Amarah offers a FREE 15-minute consultation to help you better understand his approach and to see if it is a fit for you. The free consultation is a chance for you to discuss some of your key issues and concerns.

If you require a consultation or counselling but need more time, please book a 30-minute slot. If you feel you need longer time to discuss personal issues, please select 1-hour consultation. **This is a paid service.

How many ruqya sessions will I need?

Trials and tribulations do not work in a set time-frame and are outside the control of any human-self. For a client to have a mindset on one session cure and relief will inevitably make very different decisions than a client who recognises long-term commitment.

Single sessions are not definitive and will not be most reliable or complete, since clients will be facing ongoing challenges. While multi-sessions on the other hand (with no set number of sessions or predetermined endpoint) will give a more definitive result.


  1. Download ‘The Great Deception’ by Abu Amarah and read Chapter Three ‘Ruqya 101 for Beginners.’ This will help prepare for any unanticipated outcomes.
  2. Check FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. Salaah is to be worked on and Adkar for protection recited at appropriate times morning and evening.

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