The Prophet (peace and blessing of Allāh be upon him) said, “The invocation benefits what Allāh has decreed and what He will decree.”

O servants of Allāh! Make invocation frequently.

There is nothing that can prevent Allāh’s decree except invocation, and there is nothing that can prolong life except goodness.

Collected by Al-Hākim 3/548, At-Tirmidhī 4/448 and Al-Albānī declared it hasan. See Silsilat Al-Hadiīh As-Sahīh 1/76 No. 154


Perform all obligations and duties, avoiding what is prohibited and repenting from all sins by saying ‘Istighfar’. Increase your reading of the Noble Qur’an, so that you always read several verses daily. Protect yourself with invocations using authenticated forms of remembrance. Try reading Surah al-Baqarah regularly, aiming to complete it every three days if not in one day.

For the most basic treatment, you will need Water (preferably 5 litres as you will be using this to drink and wash with), 1 litre Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil, Honey, and Sidr leaves. Crush seven Sidr leaves into the water, recite the verses below and blow into the items (if you do not have Sidr leaves, begin the treatment without them):

  • al-Fātiḥah (repeat seven times)
  • al-Baqarah 2 (verse 102) and ‎Āyat-ul-Kursī (verse 255)
  • al A’rāf 7 (verse 117-122)
  • Ta-Ha 20 (verse 67-69)
  • al-Kāfirūn 109
  • al-Ikhlās 112
  • al-Falaq 113
  • an-Nās 114

*you are not limited to these verses only. The entire Qur’an is shifa.

  1. After a bath or shower, towel dry and apply ruqya water as you would in ghusl (ablution), making sure it touches every part of your body. Do not towel dry the ruqya water, leave it damp.
  2. Next, apply the ruqya olive oil all over your body the same way did the water.

: 3 consecutive days. There are no set number of days to wash. This can be done more if required.

Ruqya Items


  • Drink first thing in the morning on empty stomach and throughout the day as required.

: Daily.


  • Anoint your body after every bath or shower as explained above (even outside of ruqya treatment). Choose Extra-Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil, these are the least processed forms.

: After every bath or shower. It’s a good habit to maintain, not only because it is Sunnah, but the anti-ageing properties of olive oil will keep you looking younger.


  • Add warm water into a cup, take 1 tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil. Mix into the water stirring well until golden. Have this on an empty stomach before breakfast. Drink while it’s warm.

: Twice daily for 7 days, morning and evening. Thereafter, once every morning when needed.

Black Seed Oil NOT TO BE CONSUMED IF PREGNANT OR TRYING FOR A CHILD. Can be applied externally.

*To help better your condition, you must make improvements where necessary, obligatory and Sunnah and accept trials and tribulations as Decreed.

Ibn ‘ Abbās said: “Qadar is the essence of Tawheed. Whoever worships Allāh, the Almighty, Alone and believes in qadar has perfected his Tawheed, but whoever worships Allāh Alone but does not believe in qadar, destroys his Tawheed by this disbelief”(Majmoo’ al-fatawaa Shaykh al-Islam, 8/258).

It is a fact that many people do not benefit from Prophetic medicine, because it will help only those who acknowledge and have faith in it. Thus, they believe that it will help them and they then submit to it. If the Qur’ān, which is a cure for whatever the heart conceals, is not acknowledged and accepted with faith, it will not provide a cure for the heart.