I will never be able to be grateful enough to Allah for sending Abu Amarah as a means of help in what have been some very difficult times.

Allah gives us more blessings than we deserve during hardship and I truly can’t picture myself getting through these times without his endless support, sincere guidance and motivation to keep going. He will probably never realise how much he has helped me with healing in many ways, only Allah knows.

His help, by the permission of Allah, has not only improved my physical health significantly through the continual ruqya help, but has also helped me deal with issues mentally by changing my psychological thought processes. Most importantly, he has been a source of inspiration by motivating me to excel spiritually and work on bettering my relationship with Allah.

I hope I can be like him in every good way in’sha’Allah. JazakAllah khayr for everything you do, may Allah make it extremely heavy on your scales and give you a reward without measure.

May He bless us all and give us all the ability to help others too. May Allah relieve all your hardships and ease your difficulties the same way you help bring ease to others.

Thank you so much for everything 🙂


Abu Amarah has been supporting me and my family with ruqya treatment, Alhumdulillah we have made so much progress following the treatment. I have learnt so much about the symptoms and knowledge of the unseen and am no longer scared nor do I fear the unseen. Abu Amarah has been an amazing support throughout this journey, he is very knowledgeable in answering questions/queries and is always available. 

Must say – doing the treatment I have learnt so much about myself – not just spiritually but also self-development and to consider my life holistically. Alhumdulillah, the treatment is a means of betterment and with an open mind, patience and placing trust in Allah, I am making progress which in the past would have been just “thoughts and plans in my head.” I am thankful to Abu Amarah for his patience, encouragement and non-judgemental help he has provided.

Jazak Allah Khair


We chose Abu Amarah Healing as it was recommended to us and was extremely pleased since the first phone call. Abu Amarah Healing provides a different sort of Ruqya service which is very realistic and achievable for our busy lives. The weekly coaching and contact really helped put our lives into perspective. Understanding psychological concepts and methodology is intertwined with the world of the unseen was an eye-opener.

The website is a good source of information too, we used it daily to help with our Adkhar and inshaAllah wish to carry on accessing it. Alhamdulillah our lives have improved for the better in many ways but most importantly it really saved our marriage. We were in trouble and didn’t know how to overcome our struggles and Allah paved the way for us through Abu Amarah Healing.

I will forever be grateful. Sound and realistic advice was always given for the sake of Allah and the reassurance was greatly appreciated. Alhamdulillah Abu Amarah Healing also took the time to really ‘listen’ to us, together and individually which allowed us to be more open and honest to establish a more positive route for us. Alhamdulillah furthermore, the simplicity of the Sunnah methods used made it easier for us to achieve what we wanted from our treatment.

Alhamdulillah we are now in a better place and are striving for the same goal whilst establishing our individual goals; we didn’t pay much attention to this until Abu Amarah introduced this to us. Abu Amarah also reminded us that the outcome will only be as good as the effort put in from individuals and if Allah paves the way which allowed us to be more Independent and spiritually aware.

JazakAllah khair for all your support, it is not an experience we will ever forget and Alhamdulillah thank you for your sound guidance and advice.

Aisha and Habib

May Allah swt reward you in ways that you cannot imagine for being a constant source of help, support and hope for all those who you help, Ameen. Truly Allah swt is witness to how you have helped and supported me through these difficult years. May Allah swt empower you to help many others, Ameen

Umm Zakariya