providing the care you need

Here, you will find the best guidance and support you will need through different stages of healing

Helping you cope with anxiety about the unknown

We nurture our clients how to manage mental and emotional changes by using everyday examples and simple exercises

Clear and comprehensive awareness of the present

A clear and comprehensive awareness of what is happening while it is happening, making you feel more in tune with yourself

Enhancing well-being and happiness to your inner life

Helping you understand your relationship to daily life, putting you more closely in touch with your senses, thoughts and feelings

How does mentoring work with ruqya?

Mentors can help you navigate the ruqya healing journey by imparting wisdom and advice, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling. They can also guide you through difficult patches when you’re struggling to make decisions or lacking the experience to know in which direction to take your life.

Most clients start weekly and move to monthly or even quarterly as they gain clarity and permanent change in their perspective and healing process.

How often you should keep in touch with your mentor will be explained during your consultation call.

Why choose us?

Real experience matters

With over a decade of researched material and personal experience, we extract the right information from our visitors, adequately address the problems and find a solution

Abu Amarah lives in High Wycombe and is currently performing ruqya online, this is especially useful if your movements are restricted or you’re self-isolating. You can also arrange a home visit. Alternatively, your raqi may suggest a plan that works best for you in the absence of a live ruqya session.

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