There are a variety of reasons why relationships fall apart, I’m sure everyone has a story to tell, and there’s something to be learned from every experience, but I don’t believe all the common reasons why relationships fail are real deal-breakers.

You may be seeking advice or guidance from people you feel comfortable with like family and friends, although they may mean well, advisors often overstep and chime in when they’re not qualified to do so.

Before making irrational decisions about what you should or shouldn’t do with YOUR marriage and if it’s worth saving, my best advice is to get a ruqya screening to rule out any suspicion that is keeping you awake all night. Rest assured that all may not be lost, a marriage on the brink of divorce can most certainly be restored.

I have had clients tell me they were granted a Khula (a procedure through which a woman can give a divorce to her husband in Islam) without being advised a ruqya session to rule out the probability of sihr of separation (the most common form of black magic which aims to separate or make discord between spouses) being the likely cause of their marriage failing.

Many people getting married again after divorce often find they are still experiencing difficulties—it’s only during a ruqya session when they take a reaction and a jinni speaks through the person saying, I was sent to break their marriage (to destroy their life) …” does it dawn on the person that leaving their partner wasn’t entirely the right decision.

Devil’s insinuations aside, family and friends are often instrumental in what leads to couples separating and divorce. If you’re from the South Asian community, you will be privy to this type of sub-cultural narcissism, the ill-advising and the catastrophic effects it has on couples, particularly newlyweds.

What is the probability of this happening to you?

It’s difficult enough grieving your loss—it’s far worse when there are children involved—and the potential for emotional trauma in children because of the divorce process is devastating.

I have had numerous clients take a reaction to ruqya after divorcing their partner only to realise that it was ruqya related all along and their marriage could have been saved with the correct family / friend / community support.

I understand there may be other factors like personality disorders, domestic abuse, infidelity etc, that could be the cause or reason to separate, and each are to be treated respectively, however, the focus here is on the increase in divorce rates based upon ruqya findings.

If you’re finding it difficult to move on or you keep sabotaging your relationships or you just want to reach out for help, drop me an email, talk to me, tell me your story, let your voice be heard. Just by emailing your story you are helping yourself by a similar process to journaling your thoughts. Don’t be the silent voice that consumes you, we all want to be heard, and I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there feeling the same.

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